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Am I the only one who finds introductory-posts quite exhausting to write, sometimes even more exhausting to read, and in a general manner of speaking rather unnecessary? Well, just to avoid causing any discomfort to the introductory-post-collecting lot, here we go anyway. So this is my new blog, a thing I was persuaded to do by nigh-professional blogger Wolle. It'll hopefully be read the way blogs are meant to be read (using a feed and your favorite aggregator), which would spare me the trouble of finishing and polishing my design. Another thing that needs to be done and that I'd rather avoid is find a nicer blog-title. The current one is a nice reference to the best software company around, but other than that it strikes me as thoroughly uncool. Apart from these pedestrian tasks ahead of me, what I'm going to blog about is Software and everything about Software. That's going to include the web (all versions supported!), my current interests like JavaScript, AJAX, web applications (as opposed to php-quick-hacks), ruby, rails, and so on, and so on. My old blog was about life as an erasmus student, and it ended rather abruptly when all that was going on wasn't especially blog-topic relevant anymore. Let's hope there'll be a different destiny for this blog, and given that it's a tech-blog I have some hope, since I'm not planning on leaving the tech-world anytime soon. Despite the principal nature of this blog I might throw in the occasional bits and pieces about offline-life if I find it worthwhile to do so. The inclined reader is asked to excuse my occasional more or less qualified rant that I won't be able to avoid with so many rant-worthy things going on. Finally, instead of introducing myself I'll rather plan on finding the time to create one of those "about me"-sections that nobody ever reads in the near future.


  1. News vom Erasmus-Blogger II

    Er ist zurück. Der Erasmus-Blogger. Nun, was darf man sich erwarten? Eine Menge! Gerfried pflegt im Allgemeinen einen äußerst würzigen, intelligenten und witzigen Stil und obendrein hat der Mensch auch noch eine Menge zu sagen. Steve Yegge muss sich an


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